Google Releases Third Android Beta 13 Beta 3 Build Issuing More Fixes

We are towards the end of the month and Google has released a third build for its Android 13 Beta 3. This month’s beta build has seen enough issues for Google to have to release not one, two, but three builds to address critical fixes to beta testers. Android 13 beta 3.3 is purely intended to fix bugs and does not bring any new features. Some of the fixes include a conflict that was occurring between the keyboard and the launcher, and another bug where gestures like swiping “back” would cause the UI to crash – and thus not make for a great beta experience. Google Pixel 6 There...

One Ui 50 Beta Will Reportedly Arrive Next Month With An October Release Date

Samsung’s One UI skin is getting its 5.0 version with the release of Android 13 later this year. A report from SamMobile reveals from a source that Samsung is going to launch its Android 13/One UI 5.0 beta in the third week of July. The beta program will let eligible devices, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, to download and test One UI 5.0 ahead of its general release, expected to officially arrive to Samsung devices in October as per the report. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series This year, Samsung’s timing is ahead of the previous beta cycle. One UI 4.0 beta last year launched...

Samsung Galaxy S23 And S23 To Have The Same Telephoto Camera As Their Predecessors

Last week a report came out shedding some supposed light on Samsung's choice of front-facing camera for next year's Galaxy S23 and S23+ smartphones. And while in that case the news was good, with the rumor saying the devices in question could ship with upgraded selfie cameras, the same apparently can't be said for the telephoto shooter on the rear. According to the same source, both the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+ will use the same 10 MP resolution for the telephoto camera as the S22 and S22+. It's likely that it's going to be 3x, as it was this year, and in fact it might very well be...

Oneplus Nord N20 5g Is Now Available In The Us Unlocked

The mid-range smartphone space in the US is a joke compared to the rest of the world, given that brands which are traditionally powerful in this area are simply missing - think Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco, Realme, and so on. Thus, the landscape is pretty barren - and in this barren landscape OnePlus is making a nice buck for itself with the Nord N series. The Nord N20 5G launched back in April on T-Mobile, and the exclusivity has finally run out. You can now purchase a OnePlus Nord N20 5G in unlocked form from OnePlus itself or Best Buy. Amazon should join the party as well at some point later...

Samsung New ISOCELL HP3 200 MP Camera Sensor

Samsung continues to announce ultra-high resolution camera sensors aimed at affordable markets. The company just launched the Samsung ISOCELL HP3, a 200 Megapixel camera sensor featuring exceptionally small sensing pixels. The thing is: smaller pixels aren’t always better, as their size makes it increasingly more difficult to gather photos.Each pixel is only 0.56 μm (square), which is tiny, so there’s a 4:1 pixel-binning mode that would equate to a 50 […]

Nvidia Gtx 1630 Leaks An Entry Level Turing Card

Prices of desktop GPUs have started to normalize, but it seems that Nvidia still feels there is a need for something cheap and easy to produce - component maker Colorful has let it slip that there is an Nvidia GTX 1630 on the way. This will be a cut down on the previous base model, the 1650. This means it is based on the Turing architecture from 2019. The difference between the GTX 16 and the RTX 20 series is that the former lacks ray tracing and tensor hardware. According to leaked data, the GTX 1630 will have fewer CUDA cores than the 1650, which will be compensated slightly with...

You Can Now Use Carplay In Your Tesla And It Only Takes Two Raspberry Pis To Do It

Teslas are known for popularizing the massive touchscreen on the dashboard, but as Tesla owners know all too well, that screen can’t be used to connect your phone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. But what if there was a way, a very convoluted way, but a way nonetheless? Tesla Android Project in action - driving around with Apple Maps and listening to Apple Music Developer Michał Gapiński has been working on the “Tesla Android Project” for a few months now and just demonstrated a working solution. Here it is captured on video: The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed...

Oneplus Nord N300 5g Certified On Fcc

A yet to be released OnePlus Nord device was listed on the FCC database and it may end up being the successor to last year’s Nord N200 5G. The new device bearing the CPH2389 model number is believed to be the upcoming Nord N300 5G midranger which may again be exclusive to buyers in North America. The FCC listing also confirmed the phone’s supported 5G bands: n2,n25,n41, n66, n71 and n77. One Plus Nord N300 certification The only other bit of info that is rumored at the moment is that the device will carry an FHD+ resolution display (presumably 90Hz) and that it will be powered by a...

Starbucks Korea Will Offer Limited Edition Cases For The Galaxy S22 Series And Galaxy Buds2

Starbucks in South Korea has partnered with Samsung to release some unique cases for the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Buds2. These will be available through the Starbucks app as well as Starbuck’s Naver store starting tomorrow (June 28) at 15:00 local time. The cases for the Galaxy S22 Ultra are based on “Silicone cover with Strap” design. For example, the strap on has been turned into a Starbucks receipt. The case for the Galaxy S22 drops the strap in favor of a large logo, the S22+ case wears a “Count the stars in your Galaxy” tagline. Two Starbucks-branded cases...

Oppo Reno8 Series Arriving In India On July 18

Oppo unveiled the Reno8 series back in May, but the trio of phones is still confined to the market in China. According to sources, quoted by MSP, the full line-up will make its international debut on July 18 when it arrives in India. Oppo Reno8 Pro+ • Oppo Reno8 Pro • Oppo Reno8 The report claimed three Oppo Reno8 phones will appear in the Asian-Pacific country, and it is a safe bet to assume they are the vanilla, Pro, and Pro+ variants. COVID cases have been on the surge recently, so expectations are the launch will be online-only to avoid any organizational...

Samsung Galaxy A23 5g Spotted At Geekbench With Snapdragon 695

The Samsung Galaxy A23 launched in March, a 4G phone powered by the Snapdragon 680. A couple of months later the first clues of a 5G model appeared and now the phone has been spotted at Geekbench. The phone, SM-A236U, seems to be a US version. There should also be a European version as well, at least that is what the initial report from May claimed. The Galaxy A23 5G is powered by the Snapdragon 695, an upgraded version of the SD 690 chip with mmWave 5G support, 15% higher CPU performance and 30% faster GPU (thanks to upgraded Kryo 660 cores and Adreno 619). The mmWave connectivity (if...

Huawei Nova 10 And 10 Pro Listed In China Ahead Of Launch

Following a major leak over the weekend, Huawei now confirmed its ready to launch its nova 10 series on July 4. Ahead of the big unveiling both nova 10 and nova 10 Pro are already listed for reservation on revealing the official images and colorways. Huawei nova 10 Huawei nova 10 will be available in silver, purple, green and black colors in 128GB and 256GB storage trims. The nova 10 Pro will sport the exact same color options and storage trims. Design-wise both phones feature curved displays with the nova 10 getting a 60MP punch hole cutout selfie camera while the 10...

Oneplus Confirms Nord 2t Arrival In India

OnePlus Nord 2T is selling in Continental Europe and the United Kingdom but the phone was missing from another major market until now - India. This injustice is finally going to be fixed, as the company confirmed the Nord 2T will arrive in the Pacific-Asian country as well. OnePlus set up a landing page on its own website and at Amazon in preparation for the arrival that is “coming soon”. The Nord 2T will arrive in its full power - 80W fast-charging, 50 MP camera with Sony IMX766 sensor, OxygenOS 12.1 out of the box. It is also the first phone on the market with Dimensity 1300...

Vivo Iqoo 10 Series To Be The First With A Dimensity 9000 Smartphone

The iQOO 10 is already in the rumor mill, and we expect to learn more as early as next month. Latest information coming from trustworthy sources claimed the series will be the first with a phone, powered by a Dimensity 9000+ chipset. iQOO 9 Pro The Mediatek platform was announced just last week as a minor improvement over the Dimensity 9000. It has a slight CPU and GPU boost, as well as updates of the signal processing and 5G modem. The high-performance Cortex-X2 core goes from 3.05 GHz to 3.2 GHz, and the Taiwanese chip maker promised devices with the platform as early as...

Top 10 Trending Phones Of Week 25

After making the top 10 last week, when they were still a rumor, the Poco pair of F4 and X4 GT were the favorites for topping our chart this time around. It was not to be, though, as the Nothing Phone (1)'s teaser campaign was so successful there was nothing stopping the company's first phone. The Poco F4 thus had to once again settle for the silver medal, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dropped to third. The Galaxy A53 held onto fourth position as the Poco X4 GT didn't manage to improve from fifth. The Redmi Note 11 slid to sixth, but still managed to stay ahead of the Apple...

Vivo 50w Wireless Flash Charger Test

The smartphone “charging wars” are predominantly fought on the wired front where some companies already passed the 100W thresh hold giving you a full 0-100% charge in around or even under 20 minutes. But every now and then the battle is carried over on the wireless front where makers are also reaching speeds that were unthinkable a couple of years ago. One such device is the vivo X80 Pro which we reviewed not too long ago and which supports 50W wireless charging. The only catch is that you need a specialized wireless charging stand. We recently received one such charger at our office –...

Week 25 In Review Poco F4 And X4 Gt Are Official

Welcome to the end of week number 25. Let's take a look back. Samsung has apparently accumulated some 50 million unsold smartphones. The A-series is reportedly mostly to blame, failing to meet its sales targets for one reason or another. 50 million is around 18% of Samsung's planned shipment target this year, which isn't good at all. Samsung made around 20 million units per month early this year, but that dropped to around 10 million in May. This could be a reaction to having too many units stuck in inventory and seeing low demand. The lower demand has also made Samsung cut its component...

Flashback A Decade Of Iphone Camera Tech

Apple’s iPhones have the reputation as having great cameras. For large parts of their history they have been up there with the best, in fact. That started with the iPhone 4 in 2010 (cameras on the original, 3G and 3GS felt more like an afterthought). We’ve already covered this in a Flashback, so we won’t go back quite that far today. Instead, we will look at the last 10 generations of iPhone starting in 2012 with the iPhone 5. If you skim the charts below you will see there isn’t much progress on the resolution front. The iPhone 4 had a 5MP camera, the 4s went up to 8MP, which stuck around...

Weekly Poll Can The Poco X4 Gt Or Poco F4 Tempt You Into Buying One

The Poco F1 is a smartphone legend – it brought a flagship chipset and capable hardware all around at a price of just €300 after a small discount. Does the new Poco F4 embody the same spirit? Or is the Poco X4 GT a better successor? Let’s have a closer look. We’ll start with the Poco X4 GT. It brings the new and exciting Dimensity 8100 chipset and costs €300 for an 8/128GB unit with early bird discounts applied. This price will be valid from Monday (June 27) to July 7, after that it will go up to €380. The 8/256GB unit is €350 with the discount, €430 without it. Poco X4 GT early...

Samsung Galaxy M53 In For Review

The Samsung Galaxy M53 is the latest smartphone to land at our office for a full review. Our unit comes in blue color, but there are two more options - green and brown. The Galaxy M53 sports a 6.7" 120Hz FullHD+ Super AMOLED+ screen with a punch hole in the center for the 32MP selfie camera capable of recording 4K@30FPS videos. Generally, you'd expect an AMOLED panel to have a fingerprint reader underneath, but that's not the case here since it's embedded in the power button located on the M53's right-side frame. Around the back, we have a square-shaped camera island housing 108MP...

MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ Pushes Architecture Performance To Limits

MediaTek has introduced the Dimensity 9000+, a new performance-kicker chip, to supplement the existing Dimensity 9000. As the name suggests, this new processor based on the Dimensity 9000 could be characterized as “the same, but a bit better.”We are primarily talking about a 5% speed gain for the CPU and 10% for the GPU. The extra CPU performance comes from a higher clock speed for the Prime ARM Cortex X2 […]

U.S Lawmakers Push for Unified Phone Charger Standard

Some U.S. lawmakers have sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to “develop a comprehensive plan that will protect both consumers and the environment by addressing the lack of a common U.S. charging standard.”The letter continues, “We cannot allow the consumer electronics industry to prioritize proprietary and inevitably obsolete charging technology over consumer protection and environmental health.” (PDF link)Lawmakers refer directly to the European Union USB-charger 2024 mandate […]

Honor Series 70 Launched With New Camera Sensors

With the new Honor 70 series launch in China, we’re getting a peek at what’s coming later to the global market from the company: three new phones priced between $400 and $650, the Honor 70, Honor 70 Pro, and Honor 70 Pro+.The differentiation between these is relatively straightforward, with mainly the screen size, processor, and camera hardware getting more potent as the price goes up. Even the base Honor 70 […]

I Tried The Qualcomm Wireless AR Smart Viewer

Qualcomm recently announced its new Wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design for developers. The idea is to demonstrate what the next-generation AR devices could (or should) look like and what the Snapdragon XR2 Platform can do.It is beautiful and highly functional for something that’s supposed to provide a technological baseline. At the very least, it can provide AR functionalities similar to the very cool Lenovo ThinkReality A3, which can replace […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 Platform Launched

Qualcomm just held a launch event in China called “Snapdragon Night,” where the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 platform was announced.The “plus” update is a performance-kicker version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 hardware platform and brings noticeable performance and power efficiency improvements.These improvements come from basically a two-pronged approach to the chip’s development. First, Qualcomm uses a new 4nm semiconductor process at TSMC, which is even better than the […]

OnePlus Nord 2T Launches With UltraFast Charging

The new OnePlus Nord 2T is the evolution of last year’s OnePlus Nord 2. It is designed to occupy the same ~299 Euros market segment and is essentially a technology refresh to keep the product competitive.The performance is slightly better, thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 1300, which has a UFS 3.1 flash storage controller. Users can choose between 8GB or 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. […]

Honor Magic4 Pro: Hands-On

Now available in the UK, the Honor Magic4 Pro is a 949.99 UKP high-end smartphone that competes directly with the major brands at the top (official page).This 6.81” waterproof (IP68) smartphone is very agreeable both to the eye and when in your hand. That’s a significant “plus” for any handset, and Honor has not held back on any expense, whether in design or luxurious materials.The display has minimal bezels and […]

Google Pixel 6A launched at $449: Everything You Need To Know

Today at the I/O 2022 conference keynote, Google announced its much-awaited budget Pixel phone, the Google Pixel 6A, the sibling of the flagship Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 6 smartphones, released in October 2021.The key innovations of the Pixel 6 series are the new uber-elegant high-end design and Google’s own proprietary System-On-Chip (SOC) Tensor, a bold move that allows the search giant to stop relying on the Qualcomm Snapdragon […]

5G Positioning Could Make Indoor Positioning A Reality

One of the best demos I’ve seen at the Qualcomm 5G Summit is the 5G Positioning Evolution which uses a combination of 5G signal and Artificial Intelligence to yield a device’s positioning with a 1-feet precision.As you may know, consumer-level indoor positioning has been in the works for over a decade. However, you still don’t have access to anything remotely practical such as in-mall positioning services.There are several reasons for […]

Qualcomm Modem’s Embedded AI Boosts Performance

At the Qualcomm 5G Summit, Qualcomm has revealed the extensive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the performance of its latest Snapdragon X70 modem.The modem was announced earlier this year, and the built-in AI computing unit wasn’t a secret, but its effectiveness was unknown until now.Qualcomm claims its built-in AI extends the effective range of mmWave by 20% and boosts the throughput by 28% to 73% at the edge of […]

iPhone 14 Pro Specifications and Price Rumors

Set to be released in late September, the iPhone 14 is in the pipelines across the industry before production ramp-up. As information spreads across the supply chain, more information is coming out.First, iPhone 14 renders show a virtually unchanged design, at least on the surface. However, EverythingApplePro has made a close-up inspection using the alleged 3D schematics of the phone and reports some changes in the microphone placement, corner radius, […]

Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 Pro Series 3 Tops 33 Gbps

Qualcomm just announced its new Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series 3 platform to power the next generation of high-end routers and access points.This platform claims extremely high peak aggregated bandwidth (33 Gbps with 16 streams and 4 bands) and latency, although I haven’t seen actual latency numbers yet. Individual device-to-device connections might even peak at 5-10 Gbps on the internal network, far higher than many wired connections.I like Qualcomm’s Multi-Link […]

Google Pixel Fold Rumored For Late 2022

In September of 2021, Google was rumored to be working on two foldable phones. People even thought the devices might appear in late 2021, but that wasn’t the case.But the same source (@DSCCRoss) that declared the project “dead” last year due to the cancellation of display orders now says that at least one Google foldable phone is back on track with a primary display similar to the upcoming Samsung Z […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t just the 2022 update of the best Galaxy S. It is also the assimilation of the late Galaxy Note. The public was anxiously waiting for this update, especially the Galaxy Note fans, representing a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Samsung.Did Samsung reach its objectives, and how good is the new Galaxy S22 Ultra? Let’s find out by going over the critical aspects of this Android […]

Apple Will Finally Allow Reader Apps To Link To External Sites

While many developers are still waiting for Apple to maybe one day approve the use of third-party payment systems, it seems that “reader” apps now have an alternative where Apple will now allow these types of apps to provide external links to the app’s own website where users can manage their account and make payments.For those unfamiliar, reader apps are essentially apps that display their own content like videos, ebooks, […]

Maybe We Should Just Give Up On An iPhone With An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

While Face ID is perfectly fine and with the changes and improvements Apple have made to it over the years, it’s a great way of protecting your phone, but it’s hard to deny the convenience of using your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone. Unfortunately, it seems that Touch ID may never come back to Apple’s flagship iPhones.According to a recent tweet by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that his previous […]

Samsung’s got a new rugged phone in the works and this is what it looks like

A lot of phones these days tend to focus a lot on the design and the incorporation of luxurious-feeling materials like metal and glass, and we can totally appreciate it, but at the same time this has left many phones a bit too fragile for our liking.If you want a phone you can toss around and not worry about scratching or cracking, then maybe Samsung could have something that could […]

Apple Will No Longer Repair iPhones Reported As Stolen Or Lost

Due to iPhones holding their resale value pretty well, it’s not surprising that iPhones are a popular item to be stolen. Now, Apple has baked in certain security measures so that iPhone owners can remotely disable a lost or stolen iPhone, but it looks like Apple is going one step further to dissuade thieves.According to a report from MacRumors, they have gotten their hands on an internal memo sent to […]

Apple Customers Are Apparently Primed For An iPhone Subscription

Imagine being able to lock-in customers for years, each paying monthly to own an iPhone and being able to upgrade on a semi-regular basis, that would be the dream, wouldn’t it? According to analytics firm, CIRP, they believe that Apple customers are actually already primed to do just that.Following a report last week that suggested that Apple might be readying a hardware subscription program, CIRP did some additional research and […]

Periscope Camera Reportedly Coming To The iPhone 15

A few years ago, we saw many companies like Huawei launch smartphones with ultrazoom cameras. A good example would be Samsung where their phones featured a 100x zoom which utilized AI that helped capture images far off into the distance without it coming out blurry, which is usually the case when it comes to digital zoom.Apple’s iPhones, on the other hand, do offer zoom but not to that extent, but […]

You Can Now Pre-Order Diablo Immortal From The App Store

Originally announced in 2018, fans of the Diablo franchise will be pleased to learn that Diablo Immortal is now available for pre-order from the App Store. Keep in mind that there is still no specific release date for the game yet, but the fact that it’s available for pre-order suggests that it could be coming soon.For those unfamiliar, Diablo Immortal was originally announced at BlizzCon back in 2018. It was […]

Low Demand Is Forcing Apple To Slash iPhone SE 5G Production

Apple’s new iPhone SE 5G was supposed to be a way for customers who wanted an iPhone with 5G to get their hands on the device without having to splash out cash for one of Apple’s flagship and more expensive models. On paper it sounded like it would be a hit, but in reality, it seems like it’s a very different story.According to a couple of reports, one from the […]

Spotify Testing A New Way For Drivers To Interact With Its App

Smartphone apps were designed with smartphones in mind, clearly, which means that when they’re being used in other situations like when you’re driving, the interface is not very ideal. Obviously you shouldn’t be using your phone while driving, but some apps can be useful, like navigation apps and so on.Now, Spotify had previously attempted to make an interface that would be more car-friendly in the form of Car Mode, but […]

Android Beta Users Will Soon Be Able To Exit Beta Without Wiping Their Devices

One of the reasons why it has been suggested that if you take part in Google’s Android Beta program, that you do it on a device that isn’t your daily driver or your primary one. This is because first of all, there might be bugs and issues that could affect your experience and usage.Secondly, when you exit the beta you will need to wipe your device, which obviously if this […]

WhatsApp Could Soon Let Users Send Files Up To 2GB In Size

Right now unlike some other messenger apps, WhatsApp places a limit on the size of files sent over its platform. For the most part, photos aren’t really that affected, but if you try to send a video or a document over a certain size, it will be rejected, but that could change in the future.According to a report from WABetaInfo, it seems that WhatsApp is testing out the ability for […]

iPhone 14 Could Feature A 48MP Camera

When it comes to cameras on the iPhone, Apple has never really gotten too crazy in terms of the sensor like we’re seeing in other phones that have 108MP sensors. In fact, if you check out the spec sheets of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple’s top-of-the-line model, it actually only uses a 12MP sensor.However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he recently tweeted that Apple could actually be bumping the […]

We Finally Have A Release Date For The OnePlus 10 Pro In The US

Earlier this year, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 10 Pro but at the time of announcement, the handset was only available in China. However, the company later announced that the phone will be launching in the US in March. Now it looks like we know when exactly in March it will be available.According to the latest announcement by OnePlus, the OnePlus 10 Pro will be available in the US on the […]

Future iPhones Will Be Made From Carbon-Free Aluminum

Apple has long touted its commitment to going green, not just in their day-to-day operations, but also the way they build their products and how they design their packaging. Now the company has announced their plans for future iPhones which could be built using the world’s first carbon-free aluminum.The problem with a lot of green initiatives is that most of them exist as proof-of-concept, so there is always a question […]

Nothing Confirms That They Are Developing A Smartphone

If you’re wondering if Carl Pei’s new Nothing company will be getting into the phone business, you won’t have to wonder anymore. At the company’ “The Truth” event on the 23rd of March, Pei confirmed that the company is developing a smartphone of its own called the Nothing Phone (1).This somewhat odd and unique naming convention is in line with the company’s previous product, the Nothing Ears (1) true wireless […]

samsung new isocell hp3 200 mp camera sensor

Samsung continues to announce ultra-high resolution camera sensors aimed at affordable markets. The company just launched the Samsung ISOCELL HP3, a 200 Megapixel camera sensor featuring exceptionally small sensing pixels. The thing is: smaller pixels aren’t always better, as their size makes it increasingly more difficult to gather photos.Each pixel is only 0.56 μm (square),